• Civil law (such as a matter of substantive law, matters of contract law, civil law drafting contracts, preparing legal opinions, negotiations. In the terms of the of formulation of pleadings, etc..)
  • Family Law (eg: the case of divorce, child support issues, property division, separation, matters relating to parental responsibility and contact with children. In the terms of the formulation of the pleadings and conduct the mediation, etc..)
  • The right of inheritance (eg: consultation on issues of statutory inheritance and testamentary succession, inheritance proceedings. Creating an application for the acquisition of inheritance and of inheritance. Etc.)
  • Labour law (eg: creating and reviewing contracts of employment, management contracts, work rules, advice on health and safety, labor disputes. Consultations on employee rights and their protection. Cases of claims for compensation for an accident at work and occupational diseases. Legal advice in matters of harassment in the workplace. Conducting mediation. In the terms of the formulation of pleadings, etc..)
  • Business Law(including the creation, liquidation, and ongoing support of business entities - commercial companies, branches of foreign companies, agencies, associations and foundations, drafting and reviewing contracts of civil law, advice on the merger, division and restructuring of companies, etc.. );
  • Administrative Law (eg: to obtain concessions, licenses, permits, advice on the investment process, public - private partnerships, public aid for companies, obtaining EU funds for development of entrepreneurship, etc..)
  • Copyright (ie: advice on personal and property rights, protection of the image, the recipient of correspondence and secrecy of information sources and copying movies, music and literature. In this area, the formulation of pleadings in cases of copyright infringement. Likewise, dealing with intellectual property law with special attention to promotion and publicity rights, etc..);
  • Medical Law (eg: advice on patient rights and responsibilities of physician and medical malpractice. Enforcement of civil liability, criminal and professional for the infringement of patient rights, mediating, etc..);
  • Protection of personal data (such as training, legal consultation, preparing your organization to comply with the law on personal data protection, legal aid in the development of management documentation processes personal data processing and support the development and implementation of the concept of Information Security Policy in the company. Advice on the processing of personal data in the promotion of pharmaceutical drugs. The practice of processing of personal data for marketing purposes. We offer specialized training, which the scope and duration is tailored to the client, etc..);
  • Road Traffic Law (eg: advice on traffic accidents and claims for liability for accidents, etc.)..
  • In this respect, the firm also undertakes legal representation before courts, administrative courts and in arbitration proceedings advice.

        In the event of the need to provide clear legal advice on specialized areas of law we use the advice of lawyers - mostly academic professionals - who specialize in your areas of interest, cooperating with the Firm.