About Us

The Law Firm of Thomas Niedziński and Partners Limited Partnership was formed at the initiative of two specialists providing legal assistance in different sectors of the economy, offering comprehensive legal advice in almost all fields and specialties of law associated with a broad understanding of business.

The Firm is a beneficial combination of large and small law firms. A small group, using co-operation of other professionals that manage their resources well reducing the costs of providing legal services, especially in comparison to large law firms. The Firm provides direct co-operation with members of the Law Firm, avoiding the provision of legal services in a complicated procedure, including many legal assistants and employees, controlled only in the final stage by an experienced lawyer.

The basic activity of the Firm include analysis consulting, preparation of legal opinions and analysis, training on legal provisions or of comprehensive legislation such as the creation of contracts, the development process of transformation of or conduct audits. Typical service law firms, such as we provide legal representation after full consideration of the case.

Our lawyers have experience in corporate law, employment law, commercial law and contract, criminal and civil liability, personal data protection and criminal procedural law and civil law. Appreciation of our customers enjoy our broad, general legal knowledge and proven analytical skills and consultancy services.

In our work we always propose the principle of effective solutions to customers, relevant to the specifics of the legal problem.

We cooperate with the lawyer's office Rafał Maciejczyk www.maciejczyk.com.pl